Multi-disciplinary discharge progression huddles facilitate care collaboration to identify and address barriers to discharge

The CareView Discharge Progression board is a multi-disciplinary patient throughput visual management system used to coordinate and sequence efficient and high-quality care planning for patients and families. The CareView huddle process supports proactive coordination and prioritization of patient-centered tasks to ensure discharge occurs at the right time and the right location. The huddles occur three times per day at the electronic board and promote a team focus on discharge goals to support overall throughput targets. Successful adoption of this kind of people, process and technology change requires a culture of innovation and strong collaboration between point of service leaders, IT and informatics.


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  • Session Type:Breakout
  • Learning objective 1:Discuss how to facilitate coordinated efforts to identify and address barriers to discharge.
  • Learning objective 2:Describe a proactive approach to discharge progression with key performance indicators in mind.
  • Learning objective 3:Discover how to incorporate technology to provide real-time information and transparency to multidisciplinary teams.
  • Content topics:Care Continuum, Clinician experience, Data and analytics, Health system operation, Patient safety, Clinicals
  • Continuing education credits:ACPE, CME, CNE, CPHQ
  • Solutions:Capacity Management, CareAware, Case Management, Health System Operations, Real-time Health System
  • Target audience:Care Management, Nursing, Physician, Informatics, Operations
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