Leveraging CareAware Connectâ„¢ to improve clinician efficiency, patient care and operational excellence

In this session, you'll hear how Inspira Health leveraged CareAware Connect to overcome clinical communication and collaboration challenges. Presenters will discuss how CareAware Connect has improved care delivery and clinician efficiency and overview its unified and integrated communication strategy.

  • Session Type:Client HIT talk
  • Learning objective 1:Discover how CareAware Connect can be utilized within an organization.
  • Learning objective 2:Learn how to apply design principles and implementation strategies in the development of your own implementation plan, including in times of a pandemic.
  • Learning objective 3:Describe how the end user and patient experience has improved workflow using CareAware Connect at Inspira Health.
  • Content topics:Device connectivity, Health system operation, User experience & productivity
  • Solutions:CareAware, CareAware Connect, Device connectivity, Health System Operations, Real-time Health System
  • Target audience:Informatics, Nursing, Operations
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