First step to transformation at Baystate Health: improving operational governance and delivery structure

During this session, you'll hear how Baystate Health collaborated with Cerner to design improved operational governance and delivery structure as a stepping-stone to wholesale organizational transformation.

  • Session Type:Client HIT talk
  • Learning objective 1:Define how to align strategic goals and objectives to tactical IT solutions with a coordinated, cohesive, manageable and achievable approach.
  • Learning objective 2:Identify how to improve value achievement through implementation and adoption of solutions, workflows and processes involving IT.
  • Learning objective 3:Understand how re-design of core operational processes can increase transparency, improve decision-making and drive better use of IT resources across a health system.
  • Content topics:Professional services, Clinician experience, Enterprise operations/infrastructure, Continuous advancement/upgrades/optimization, User experience & productivity
  • Solutions:Millennium
  • Target audience:Clinical, Health Information Management, Operations, Human Resources
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