Virtual education solutions: the value of a comprehensive learning approach beyond COVID

In 2020, TransForm Shared Service Organization completed three go-lives at four organizations in a remote environment. Learn how the organization successfully implemented a true regional solution and trained over 10,000 healthcare providers by leveraging the Cerner Learning Framework, self-led practice labs, eCoach, in-person and virtual training classes.

  • Session Type:Client HIT talk
  • Learning objective 1:Describe how to build a regional learning strategy to support scalability, cost containment and knowledge sharing.
  • Learning objective 2:Consider the resources needed to execute a hybrid implementation of the learning strategy, both remote and in-person
  • Learning objective 3:Understand the importance of developing a learning strategy from the start of an implementation utilizing Cerner Learning Framework, eCoach and other virtual learning tools.
  • Content topics:Clinician experience, Clinicals, Ambulatory, Ambulatory ASP, Care Continuum, Professional services, Continuous advancement/upgrades/optimization, User experience & productivity
  • Solutions:Millennium, Physician workflow
  • Target audience:Clinical, Human Resources, Information Technology, Informatics
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