Clinical update: Inpatient Pharmacy

Come join us for a deep dive into the inpatient pharmacy road map, how-to guidance, solution features and industry trends. Get current on Cerner innovations that can help you address current and emerging initiatives and challenges. You can learn how the innovations impact data and workflows for department leaders and end-users and engage with session presenters with real-time Q&A via the virtual chat feature.


Todd R. Henderson, Pharm.D., Lead Product Manager, Cerner; Royalty/patent holder: Cerner

The remaining speakers, content managers, and planners from Cerner Corporation do not have any relevant financial interests to disclose.

  • Session Type:Clinical special interest session
  • Learning objective 1:Describe new features and how to use them to improve efficiencies.
  • Learning objective 2:Discuss current experiences and best practices within workflows.
  • Learning objective 3:Apply learnings to address clinical challenges.
  • Content topics:Pharmacy
  • Continuing education credits:CME, CNE, ACPE
  • Solutions:Inpatient Pharmacy, Clinical Supply Chain and Materials Management
  • Target audience:Clinical, Informatics, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Consulting
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