KLAS Arch Collaborative and Intermountain Healthcare's journey to a better EHR experience

A KLAS initiative, the Arch Collaborative is a group of hundreds of healthcare organizations committed to improving the EHR experience. KLAS works with each member to improve their EHR experience by uncovering opportunities for change through standardized surveys and benchmarking. Through their Arch Collaborative surveying efforts, learn how Intermountain Healthcare turned around their EHR experience by collaborating with other healthcare systems, improving EHR education through coaching, and focusing on the providers' experience today, not what it could be in the future.

  • Session Type:Breakout
  • Learning objective 1:Learn how the Arch Collaborative has helped health systems adopt the three-pillars of clinician EHR satisfaction.
  • Learning objective 2:Learn how Intermountain Healthcare improved physician satisfaction through training, coaching, and mastery.
  • Content topics:Pediatrics, Physician, Clinicals, Patient safety, User experience & productivity
  • Target audience:Clinical, Physician, Nursing, Informatics
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